Why Choose Aloha Sun Stick?

The new Aloha Sun Stick provides high, mineral sun protection for your face even during long sessions in the water. Formulated with natural ingredients, and only non-nano mineral filters. Designed for surfers by surfers, in eco-friendly zero waste packaging. Safe for corals according to the Hawaiian law and the American National Ocean Service. Available in 3 beautiful colours. Made in compliance with restrictive EU regulations.

SPF 50+

Very high protection against UVB and UVA radiation. The SPF was proven by the accredited laboratory according to the strict EU regulation.


Eco-friendly, plastic-free paper tube

It is made of multiple kraft paper layers, which makes it durable and possible to use even with wet hands. FSC certified.

Water resistant

The sunscreen formula is laboratory verified as strongly waterproof. Thanks to the colors you can see how long the coating stays in your face:)

Mineral filters

The sun stick is a sunblock based on mineral filter titanium dioxide which creates a mineral shield. For your safety, our product does not contain any nano-particles.

Reef friendly

The formula is non-toxic to reefs according to the Hawaii Law. We search for efficient ingredients which are marine life safe.

Vegan & 94% Natural

Aloha Sun Stick is formulated mostly with natural ingredients and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin

Safe for the skin – 94% Natural Ingredients

Aloha Sun Stick is formulated mostly with natural ingredients, based on mineral filter titanium dioxide and organic raspberry seed oil. Aloha Sun Stick does not contain any nano-particles, as their influence on the skin has not been tested thoroughly and has been identified as dangerous for the coral reef. No chemical UV filters on board!

Aloha Sun Stick is a sun block that creates a mineral shield, protecting a skin from UV radiation. It works like a mirror – it reflects the radiation and helps in preventing the skin ageing process. The texture is soft for easy application – do not rub it in. The creamy layer needs to stay on the skin surface to make the sun protection work properly!

Water Resistant & Marine Life Friendly

The sunscreen formula is verified as water resistant in the laboratory tests, as well as during our surfing sessions. The ingredients are checked as non-toxic to the aquatic life according to the NOAA guidelines and the Palau & Hawaii Reef Friendly Legislation.

kr. 130,00


Common questions

1. Is the paper tube packaging durable/water resistant?

The paper tube is durable enough to keep your sunscreen safe even after some contact with the water. The structure of the tube is made of multiple paper layers pressed together which makes it stiff and resistant to normal usage conditions. You can use with wet hands, it should also survive an accidental drop into the water if you take it out right after – that said we do not encourage you to test how long it will survive;) just try to store it in the dry and shady place.

2. How efficient the Aloha Sun Stick is? How long it will last?

Aloha Sun Stick contains 20 grams of sunscreen which is really a lot (more than most of the similar products on the market)! If you use it for one person it will definitely last for many surfing sessions, depending on how intensively you will use it, from several weeks to a few months. One stick should be sufficient to cover the whole face for about 80 times.

3. Is Aloha Sun Stick suitable for using on the body?

Aloha Sun Stick is designed to protect your face’s sensitive areas like nose and cheeks. Technically it is totally fine to use Aloha Care sunscreen on the rest of your body, however, we would mostly recommend it to cover only local sensitive spots – like tattoos or marks on the skin. Otherwise, it is just not practical for a few reasons. First, the stick applicator is not the best in covering bigger areas of your skin. Second, it can make your clothes dirty, which can be then hard to wash, especially in case of white fabrics. For the whole body, it is best to use Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) sunwear instead of a sunscreen whenever you can. Sometimes even a simple T-shirt will do.

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