The Indo Board Mini Pro is designed to reduce the weight and surface area of the Indo Pro model with a (39″ x 12″) deck, (8-1/2” diameter) pro roller and the large 24″ Gigangte’ Cushion. This model is perfect for advanced riders who want loose action and to throw lots of tricks like Ollies, spins, shuv-its, grabs, air drops, and more!. The Indo Mini Pro is Ideal for skateboarders, wakeboarders, wakeskaters, snowboarders, and kitesurfers.

The addition of the IndoFLO Gigante Cushion allows the user to place the cushion under the deck and experience a fluid 360 degree range of motion that exactly simulates the rail to rail or heel to toe movement that is prevalent in board sports.

Mini Pro Series:

  • Deck size: 39” X 12” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
  • Roller size:  8.5” diameter with 4 strips of Grip Tape
  • Deck construction:  11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch
  • SURF

    Perhaps no other sport defines the culture of INDO BOARD better than surfing. The INDO BOARD was originally developed as an indoor surfing trainer to help surfers by providing balance training and core exercises that not only help beginner surfers learn to surf, but also provide advanced surfers with a balance board allowing them to perform surf workouts and advanced surf exercises anytime and anywhere. Top fitness trainers throughout the world have been using the INDO BOARD to train all levels of surfers since 1998.

    INDO BOARD fitness trainers have developed specific surf workouts and the best surfing exercises to help surfers improve their balance, stability and overall surfing performance. No other balance training device has the versatility and functionality of the INDO BOARD Balance Trainer.

kr. 3.150,00