Rocker: 55% Drive & Speed / 45% Pivot & Response

Contours: Front – Vee / Back – Double Concave Vee

Construction: PU + Stringer / Fiberglass / Polyester Resin

Wave Size: 1– 4 Feet (Ankle High – Head High)

The Volume Cruiser is a shorter, but higher volume version of the classic midlength shape from the retro era. The idea of this model was to reduce the length to enhance turning performance, yet maintain sufficient buoyancy for easy paddling and speed retention in softer waves.

With this model I wanted to take the urgency out of the ride and set the tone for a more relax and ‘cruisy’ approach to surfing. Glide in easy, then feel unrestricted to turn and weave down the line with a sense of confidence that’s underpinned by the overall stability of the board.

The bottom features a panel vee up front which leads to double concave vee out the back. This classic and versatile bottom feels smooth and predictable with some added flare at higher speeds. The transition from rail to rail is seamless!

Targeted at the surfer coming off a longboard or minimal wanting to step up their performance but needing the extra flotation. Surfers struggling for speed and acceleration on a lower volume board will also reignite their passion for smaller waves by riding the Cruiser.

6’8” x 21 1/2’’ x 2 7/8’’ (44.6L)

comes with FCSll fins – no tools needed.

kr. 5.000,00