For your inflatable, windsurf boards and WIDE paddleboards. It will also carry standard boards making it is the most versatile carry we have.


New and improved Evolution X with eXtra wide frame. Spacers widen the wheels away from the side of the board. The difference between Evolution and the Evolution X is the axle is wider.

The Evolution X can also handle standard size boards. So if you have a standard board but you might get an inflatable board later this is your best choice.

Arch is flexible and can adjust around your boards tail. It will widen out and flatten for inflatable board. The space inside the frame is the same as standard Evolution but the X model have ability to stretch wider. The arch strap is flexible and can push against wheel spacer to make a wider space from standard 16 inches 20+ inches. Only part of the tail needs to fit in the arch frame.

If you are not sure about your board’s fit please contact us to evaluate for particular board.

The Evolution X carrier model – comes with strap handle. This flexible unit can be used to carry your board while you walk or bike. Relieves the burden of carrying your board, paddle, gear and freeing a hand.

The unit is engineered with a marine grade aluminum axle, stainless steel fixtures and never go flat tires. We also enhance your comfort with a unique rubber handle that covers the nylon strap handle. Wheels store on the storage pegs for a small compact package for transporting the wheels or storage.

This product is designed to carrier standard paddle board NOT roto molded “plastic” kayak type paddle boards like the Lifetime or Pelican products.

kr. 1.649,00